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Kindness is an act!

It is an act straight from the heart

If it is not from the heart then it is staged

Staged and very false

Not worthy of its reward

Kindness is a beautiful act!

… Like planting a seed in good soil

And watching the seed blossom

Blossom into an amazing tree

Its fruits are even more beautiful than the act itself

Kindness is an act from one heart to another life

From a beautiful life to a needy heart

It is a perfect gift!

It never removes anything from the giver

Rather it increases the giver’s harvest

Kindness is an expression of love

It phases out sorrow

And brings light into the life of the receiver

A smile that heals

An act of love

Kindness is a virtue!

‘Without kindness there’ll be wickedness…so much!

“Oh Lord, please make men see reason to be kind to one another…

Soften their hearts and let them see reason to show love to one another”

For kindness yields peace

By Sylvia Chika


How beautiful the night is!



How beautiful the night is!
Quiet yet filled with music
Music from big and little creatures
Music from far and near
But distance doesn’t really matter
For every sound is heard at night
The crickets sleep not
They chirp and make sweet night sounds
Music of the night
All sounds are tuned up at night
Loud enough for all to hear
Musical solace it is
The huge creatures lay in their beds
They snore musically
How different they sound asleep
The strongest of men unconscious
How fragile they look!
Unperturbed by their worries
As the music of the night calms their restless hearts
How beautiful the night really is
The moon glows above the earth
Illuminating its stunning nature
Encouraging the beautiful stars to shine
Oh how beautiful the night is!
How sweet the earth sleeps!

By Sylvia Chika

It is what it is!


It is what it is!
It is gone
It is not gone
It is there
It is not there
She sees it
She can’t see it
He feels it
He can’t feel it
Grab it
Or throw it away
Pamper it
Or be careless with it
It is what it is!
And the truth is the truth
Reality is reality
You can either accept it
Or live a lie
For it is what it is!

By Sylvia Chika


Let’s make hay while the sun shines




Let’s make hay
While the sun shines
Let’s build houses
While we’ve got sand
Let’s make babies
While we have life
Let’s do right
While we still can
Let’s be kind
While we still live
Let’s arise
While we can still stand
Let us pray
While we can still kneel
Let’s sing hymns
While we still can
Let’s prepare
While there’s still time
Let’s self-cleanse
While we still can
Let’s live right
While we still breathe
Let’s make hay
While the sun shines

By Sylvia Chika

Trample and Smile



Be careless and float on clouds
Be stupid and make merry
Be blind to the truth before you
Be rid of the truth in your heart
Discard your conscience
Arrogantly bully the innocent
Toss their property to the dogs
Make them kneel and watch
Threaten their lives and watch them cry
Steal their gold and watch them strive
Be zealous in your wickedness
And never flee from your actions
Pour fuel on the roofs of their burning huts
Cause drought in their fertile land
Release the plagues and laugh at will
Be mean and bear no grief
Lose your conscience to carnal things
Create little space in your hearts for kindness
Just drink and make merry
Throw parties and make babies
But the day of The Maker is near
And the Lord would take his own!

By Sylvia Chika



It moves fast
With the force of ten thousand men
Racing towards our lands
And dwelling above our farms
Moving inland
Sweeping the land
Causing loss and grief
But insistent it is
I climb up to my rooftop to watch…
To watch it  approach my cemented wall
My gate rattles and shakes
Because it knocks with great might
In fear I shake
Trembling and anticipating
It slowly creeps into my territory
And a tear drop slips down my right cheek
It’s awesome how the one once ignored
The peaceful one can cause so much loss
All around me…I’m surrounded!
Surrounded as it tenaciously claims my land
I’m vexed
I’m sad
But I can do nothing 
So I sit still and stare
Its roar intimidates my courage
Courage to watch it overtake all in its way
Overtaking my land, house…my property!
I scream but no one hears my cry
No one at home but me
No one to hold
No one in sight
Only plain darkness I see
I give up on my cry for help
Ignoring the thought of any sort of help
Waiting to be submerged by this overwhelming being
But suddenly I see a light
I hear my name being screamed
“Usoro jump into the water!”, the familiar voice screams
“I’ll take you to dry land”, the voice screams again
I look at the canoe below with tears of joy and relief in my eyes
And so grateful I am to God!
By Sylvia Chika

Tim’s School Routine


On our way to school
Books in our backpacks
Sandals on our feet
Off to school we run
With our homework on our young minds
It is our first break
I so need this break…whew!
Time to visit the loo to poo
The queue I hate
Oh my!
The long break…yay!
Our teachers converge in groups to greet
Food in my mouth
Water in my bottle
I glance at the girl I like
School is over!
Happy happy happy I am
Time to play at home with my bestie
I race to the school gate excitedly
Just for a final glance at the pretty girl I like
By Sylvia Chika