Drunk With Sleep…



Staggering and wobbly
Relentlessly drunk
Satisfied yet fatigued
Far far far!
The distance to his bed seemed
He could see it yet it seemed far
Oh how he loved that bed!
The lights in the room seemed to upset his bloodshot eyes
He flinched and staggered on
Carelessly freeing himself of his clothing
Clothing which stunk of a hard-day’s work
Oh yes this man was tired!
So drained of all his power
Fatigue written carefully on the lines of his face
Wrinkled and old his young face now looked
The wrinkled face of a striver
He was now rid of the last piece of cotton
The cotton that covered his dark skin
Cotton once white and now brown
All wet and unpleasant
The bed was now right in front of him
What a miracle!
A journey so far had now come to an end
Oh what a sweet dwelling of unconsciousness!
A pleasant sight to behold after hours of toiling
He sighed his relief
His crown was found
He could now sit on his throne
A final smile of joy…
As he dumped his hundred kg form on the soft mattress
The one furniture in his house he could trust with weight
And off to the yonder he went
‘Cause he was drunk with sleep!


By Sylvia Chika


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