I’m A Believer





I Believe
I Know There Is A Force Somewhere
A Force So Strong
A Force That Can Take Me To Great Heights
Heights So High
Heights So Strong
I Know I’ll Make It
I Know It Because I Feel It
I Feel It So Strong
I Feel It In My Heart
I Know It Because It’s Right
I Am That African Child That Would Excel
I Would Excel In All
I Would Shine
A Shine So Bright
With Light So Blinding
Close Your Eyes To My Blossom
My Blossom Would Be Unfriendly To My Haters
It Would Be Like Quinine So Bitter
Bitter But Strong
And Sweet To My Soul
I’m The One
The One They Talk About
I’ve Got A Strong Trunk At My Back
It Would Never Let Me Down
It’s The Buffer I’ve Always Had
I Know A Champion Lives In Me
It Lives Deep Within My Soul
And Would Emerge Like A Blooming Flower
I’ll Would Bloom!
Oh Yes! I Would
I Know All This
I’m Sure Of All This
I’m So Certain I Would Make It
I Can Taste It
Because I’m A Believer
By SylviaChika

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