She lived a pretty happy life
She smiled and made merry
She was the envy of many
She was graceful and tame
Eyes followed her wherever she went
Children got excited in her presence
She was like a golden flower
A golden flower that could never wither
She was content with her life
A simple but happy life
A life that knew freedom and peace
An admirable life it was for her
And then the dark clouds appeared
Like a lion attacking its prey
It sprung into her life
And with a story so sad but interesting
They talk about the disease
The media warns and cries daily
But it seemed like a fairy tale to her
With deaf ears she lived a life of freedom
It was until that day
The day it was consummated
Premature yet sweet
The forged beauty of fornication
He seemed so perfect
So perfect without flaws
Unbleached by evil or plagues
Sweet like candy and chocolates
But she was wrong
Oh so wrong!
That was the kind of chocolate bar that was forbidden
A bar infected with bad bad consequences
And he knew all this while
But he was silent
Why! How can a person be so cruel?
She twists her pretty curls as she wonders
Still staring at the white paper in her hands
Tears roll down her cheeks
She stares
She sobs
The mistakes we make
The silly sacrifices for silly moments of bliss
The warnings we ignore
The scars we have to live with
And now she had to live with
The incurable disease
The slim-disease
The disease of a lifetime
The beauty remains
The freedom ever present
The charm glowing like flames
But the disease of a lifetime she had
Oh such an unhealthy dark cloud that would never go!

By Sylvia Chika







© SylviaChika 2012


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