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 You are so different
We don’t rhyme
We fight quite often
We love sometimes
You look so pale
I look so hale
I smile my smile
Just for a while

I’m different
We are friends
We play all day
My candies I share
I invite…I offer
You decline
I listen to what you say
Babble babble babble

Where are you?
Hey you!
I want to play
Cos I’ve got a lot of time to spare
Time for our games
I’m ready
You are ready
Off we go!

You beckon
“Come on!”
“It’s time to play”
Along the sea
We build our castles
It’s wet
It’s set
Time for fun!

Good night…Goodbye!
I shut my door
And up to the sky
My final glance
My dearest friend
And tomorrow
We’ll play again!

By Sylvia Chika




My mind is higgledy-piggledy

My thoughts are running wild

Wild with no control

And I cant calm myself

Im on the edge

Yet there is no choice to jump

Im standing at the edge of the cliff

Im looking down at the haze below

If I go back, Ill face my past again

But if I jump, Ill face my future

Yet I cant jump

So I just stand there

With thoughts so crazy

Crazy crazy thoughts

I stand there and drink-in my present

What a mess!

What a stationary mess!

I look up and stare at the clouds above

They seem so close and pure

I lift my hands to touch them

But the disappointment of reality hits me

I put my hands on my chest to feel my heart beat

Its beating really fast without rhythm

The thumps so fast!

The thumps so hard!

My heart beats fast!

Spinning thoughts!

A racing heart!

I look down again

Below the cliff

But the haze I see no more

My traffic of thoughts accelerating

As the view below me clears

I see my future

So clear!

So there!

I shudder as the wind caresses my skin

And I finally make the decision

The decision to change my situation

To make a move

To embrace my future

So I leap into the yonder below me

I feel the sweet joy of my future

But yet the fear of crashing engulfs me

And then I wake

My bed so soaked

My clothes so drenched

I look around in confusion

It was all a dream!

A substance-induced dream

What substance?

What happened?

Answers I do not have

The many questions probing my conscience

My eyes feel so heavy

I close them gently

And drift again in sleep



By Sylvia Chika





Drip! Drip!

Knock! Knock!

“Who’s there?”

Me here

Open the door!


Why not?

“Tell me…Why?”

“What if …

…you are the man that slays another?”

I’m not!

I’m hurt!

It’s raining!

It’s pouring!

I need to rest!

Please just open the door…

…So I may lay my drooping head

“Oh no!”

“No No!”

“I know you not”

“But on my pavement you may lay…”

“You may lay your head there…

…For a little while”

But why?

I sigh

I sob

I’m hurting deep

I need

I really need…

…A place…I plead

A place to lay my head

“Be gone!”

“Go away stranger!”

“Go away!”

“To the hay”

“And make a bed”

“My home”

“This dwelling of mine”

“This home is closed”

“So you can’t rest here”

I sigh

I cry

But you don’t budge

And still…

…I need…

…A place…

…To lay…

My head!


By Sylvia Chika




Find me

Search for me

Or should I search for you?

Chase me

Woo me

Let me see you soon


Sweep me

Off my feet

This love is just too sweet



I know you feel it too


I blush

When you brush

Your gentle fingers on my cheeks

I sway

This way

To your enchanting kiss


Let’s dance

My prince

Let’s get lost in this trance



Your love has weakened me

By Sylvia Chika



 little fly of blood.fw

Above my bed so high 


It hovers and it hums

Close to my sleeping ears

It sings the song I hate


Oh what such fate!

I really dread this music it makes

Excitedly it sings

Joyfully it stings

This little fly of blood


It hides in the bushes

And follows your sweet perfume

You clap and dance

It flies and flies

But yet it still escapes


It’s time to have a bath

And on my tiled wall it rests

Triumphantly I hit

Painfully I fall

You bloody fly of blood!


Oh why why why!

My swollen bandaged head

It comes again

And yet I stare

My lesson has been learned



By Sylvia Chika



Mr & Mrs Right


Speak to me

You handsome man of love

Tell me things

Your pleasant words of love

Make me stay

Make me fall in-love again

Dance with me in the rain

Oh my Mr Right!


We’ve known each other for years

We’ve been through thick and thin

And all my fears

We’ve shared and chased away

Your loyalty

So scarce and rare

You’ve been my friend

You are my Mr Right!



My chaste damsel

The princess of my heart

This love we have

From you I’ll never part

You are the best

My sweet cushion of rest

A queen you are

You are my Mrs Right!


I feel so proud

Envied by all my kin

I walk so proud

With shoulders lifted high

A friend you’ve been

With patience I’ve never seen

Forever in my heart

You’ll be my Mrs Right!

By Sylvia Chika