Boring sermon
Words! Words! Words!
The illiterate in me screamed in frustration
“If you have something to say to us, just say it already!”
I didn’t see the point of all these long meetings
The air was hot
The windows were shut
The air-conditioning system was broken
The conference room was stuffy
My colleagues were yawning
Most were battling with perspiration
Others were biting their already harvested fingernails
The speaker was relentless
He just kept going on and on and on
Unaware of what his lecture was doing to them
He was committed to his speech
Intoxicated by his own words
Bathing them with his steady spray of saliva
“Could someone make it stop please!”
“Could someone zip “its” mouth and tie “it” to a chair?”
Something should be done about his rattling
Something should be done soon!
Else I was sure someone would go crazy
His shriek voice was now getting increasingly frustrating
He even laughed at his own dry jokes
They just kept staring
Patiently waiting for when those lips would stop moving
This was no longer a regular meeting
It was now a gathering for torture
The long speech
The boring talk
The dry jokes were enough to make one commit suicide
Ok maybe not suicide per se…hehehe
But I was daydreaming about tossing a chair at the lecturer
And every time he laughed at his dry jokes
I was tempted to throw my pen into his mouth
The sight of him choking on a pen would be so hilarious
I was certain that everyone who was asleep would wake up to laugh at the drama
At this point I decided to end this torture
I had practiced this at home
So I was certain it would work
I gently moved my laptop away from me
Adjusted my neck tie
Rolled my eyes until all I could see was a blurred haze
And then I started jerking until I fell flat on the cold floor
By Sylvia Chika


I am glass
Your love is my water
It submerges my heart
I drown
I can’t sip it
I can only swallow it
Gulp! Gulp!
It surrounds my every being
I’m helplessly drowning
I wish I could float
But I’m sinking
I’m so scared I’ll bloat
The clear blue waters of this love is intriguing
They say love is blind but I can see
I see blue
I see you
I can see through
It is oh so beautiful!
Your touch is so warm unlike the temperature of your love
Your touch…Your love
You are like two separate beings
But from one loving soul
You emit different flavours
Different traits
Different colours
Your love leaves me uncertain
Sometimes I get confused
Yet I still love you
I still get intoxicated
I still drown
Sinking daily
Losing control of me
Drowning deeper
Not seeing the ground
Teach me to thread carefully
Teach me to swim
Teach me not to break
Cos my being is made of glass
And once I hit the ground
I’ll shatter
I’m the glass in your water
By Sylvia Chika





She fell down on her knees

Her brown skin felt like it was on fire

She could still hear her ears ringing

The after effect of multiple slaps on her face

The bruises on her face stung her

She tried not to cry

Tears would cause her more pain

Crying would only worsen her pain

This feeling…so familiar

She knew she should run

But she wondered where her destination would be

She was tired of been found

Tired of been caught

She leaned forward

And then she moved closer to the pillar before her

Her head felt woozy

She couldn’t hear a thing now

The ringing sound had stopped

As her head hit the cold pillar

She could feel her torn clothes tear even more

She was tired



She had lost count of the years

The bruises

The scars

The sprains

The fractures

Inflicted by the man she once loved

The substance-addicted man of her youth

The man she called her mate

The man…her worst nightmare

She wanted to run

She tried but couldn’t

She wanted to scream

She really wanted to but couldn’t

No one believed her tale

He seemed like the replica of a dove

A good actor he was

The man was a dragon on the inside

They all thought she was lucky


And privileged

So many envied her

How would she prove her story is real?

Who would listen to her tale?

Who would respect her words of truth?

He was the perfect liar!

The worst husband

And also the famous philanthropist

Her heart ached badly

The solitary life of a battered wife

The wealth could no longer make her smile

It no longer brought warmth

Neither did it bring her protection

Her childlessness hunted her daily

It created an invisible tag in her world

Redemption seemed far

Her story tasted bitter in her mouth

But there was no place to vomit

So she was left to swallow and remain silent

The luxury gowns hid them all

The beautiful jewelry covered them all

The cuts

The bruises

The scars

A tale well hidden

She lacked the urge to look in a mirror

Her beauty was the least of her worries

But it meant a lot to him

So proper arrangements were put in place for that

She no longer had cause to smile

Her face was well “botoxed” with lack of feelings for him

Her heart was a cold as ice

Life meant nothing anymore

She fantasied about a special kind of slumber

A slumber so sweet

A slumber that would never end

An escape from all the hurt

The pains

All the unhappiness

Away from a false life

Away from this plastic world

His loud snore forced her back to reality

It brought back her sense of hearing

The snore was all too familiar

It always came after the battering

A conclusion to the nightmare

The summary of the drama

The story of her life

The solitary life of a battered wife

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2013




I listened to her

So old

So frail

I could feel the breeze hit me

A fountain of knowledge

No…she was an ocean of wisdom

The waves were strong but calm

The waves hit my alert sense

I opened up my inner being

I left it wide open

The breeze was warm but cool on my face

I let her words flow in

I watched her lips move

She was old and wise

I was hypnotized by her words

Her voice…oh so calm

I indulged

I listened

I was filled

It was an overflow

She has stopped talking

I was still under the spell of wisdom

I blinked

I closed the pathway

And parted my lips

All I could say was, “Thank you Mama!”

My head was full

My heart was warmly heavy

I felt older

I prostrated before this tower of wisdom

She blessed me

She smiled and I left

It was a powerful encounter

Wisdom in human form

I walked away

A head full

A heavy heart

A wiser me



By Sylvia Chika




my name

I have a name

It is a name everyone knows

It is a name everyone calls me

It is a name given to me by my father

A name given to me by my mother

A name they all call me

A name I write with ink

It is my name

It is just a name

It doesn’t define who I am

It is just a name

Like a label on a tin

It is just a name

A name it is

This is my name

A name

A name

I don’t like the name

I want to change the name

It doesn’t define who I am

It is just a name

I’m deeper than the label

The label is just too simple

It doesn’t define who I am

It is just a name

I’ve picked a new name

But it is more like a sentence

It is long but it defines me

It is who I am

Can I tell them what my new name is?

I can imagine how hard they’ll laugh

I love my new name

I don’t want sarcasm to ruin it

I don’t care what they all call me

I know my name

I know who I am

I’m more than a label

I’m a more complex being

I call myself my new name

It is who I am

The world can give me a label

Everyone can call me what they like

But truly


I know who I am

I’m more than a label

I am me

I am more than just a name




By Sylvia Chika





I heard a sound

I felt the ground vibrate

I was alone

I was afraid

It was dark

Dark as black

No one near

Perspiration covered

Shaking hands

I stared into the darkness

I could see black

I saw nothing

I heard the trees move

I looked out through my window

I saw nothing

I heard the sound again

It sounded like an animal in pain

I heard the sound again

I was really scared

And then I heard a roar

“A roar?!”

Are you kidding me?

Now I panicked

A lion in a city?

A wild animal?

I felt the warm liquid drip down my legs

The stench of fresh urine filled the room

I heard the roar again

There were two animals

One was in pain

One was in charge

The roar was now louder

I heard it right outside my window

I couldn’t bear it anymore

I screamed in fear

And tried to run

Far away…away from the window

And then I fell

Off my bed and on the floor

I hit the ground hard!

I looked around in confusion

My kid sis was watching a movie

A familiar animated movie

The Lion King!

I sighed in relief

It was all a dream!

I was awake now

Safe from my nightmares

Away from the horror

What a relief!

By Sylvia Chika




This is an old story

A story of love

A love uncommon to many

But known by many

A love we’ve read about

A pure and holy love

Love divine

Love unique

Love from above

Just the way love should be

The true definition of love

It is a different tale

A tale of reality

A tale of direction

Direction from God

Direction to a life of joy

A life filled with peace

Prints from the Holy Book

Are you curious?

Do you want to know about this love?

It can be found in life’s manual

So how should we love one another?

It is already written

It is in his word

Pure wisdom from the scriptures

Now let’s see how it is defined

Defined for all to comprehend

Love is patient

Love is kind

Love is not envious

Love does not brag

Love is not puffed up

Love is not rude

Love is not self-serving

Love is not easily angered

Love is not resentful

Love is not glad about injustice

Love rejoices in the truth

Love bears all things

Love believes all things

Love hopes all things

Love endures all things

And finally,

Love never ends

So before you say I do,

Before you merge as one

Before you exchange your vows

Know these things

Eat these words

Let it abide in your heart

Memorize these words

Understand these words

And practise these words

Be ready to give your best

In order to receive the best

Before you say I do

Say “I will do” to the word of God

Say “I do” to his commands

Fill your home with peace

And live a life of bliss

By Sylvia Chika