I heard a sound

I felt the ground vibrate

I was alone

I was afraid

It was dark

Dark as black

No one near

Perspiration covered

Shaking hands

I stared into the darkness

I could see black

I saw nothing

I heard the trees move

I looked out through my window

I saw nothing

I heard the sound again

It sounded like an animal in pain

I heard the sound again

I was really scared

And then I heard a roar

“A roar?!”

Are you kidding me?

Now I panicked

A lion in a city?

A wild animal?

I felt the warm liquid drip down my legs

The stench of fresh urine filled the room

I heard the roar again

There were two animals

One was in pain

One was in charge

The roar was now louder

I heard it right outside my window

I couldn’t bear it anymore

I screamed in fear

And tried to run

Far away…away from the window

And then I fell

Off my bed and on the floor

I hit the ground hard!

I looked around in confusion

My kid sis was watching a movie

A familiar animated movie

The Lion King!

I sighed in relief

It was all a dream!

I was awake now

Safe from my nightmares

Away from the horror

What a relief!

By Sylvia Chika






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