Sing Me a Sweet Carol


 Sing Me a Sweet Carol

Sing me a sweet song

Sing me a sweet carol

Sing me a sweet Christmas song

Sing it to me with gracious melody

Sing it to me

Sing and do not stop

My heart leaps in anticipation

I hunger for your sweet voice

A rare gift from our Maker

You sing so well

You sweeten my heart

You cause the dark clouds to sail away

You bring sunshine into my life

Sing to me

Do not shut your lips

My sweet nightingale

Sing to me again

Repeat the song

Over and over again

Alert my senses with sweet music

Cause me to shiver in joy

I’m sailing

Sailing far far away

Away with all the music notes

Far away in Christmas bliss!

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2013


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