UNTITLED-By SylviaChika


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It was all so hard

I toiled so plenty

I dug to no avail

Though the soil was hard

I kept digging

Hitting empty bottles and cold steel

I was a wanderer

Searching for a better tomorrow

For roses and sweetness

And all I got was quinine

Another moment of disappointment

Wishes like the wind

Spoken yet unfulfilled

Discouraged and dejected by joy

Alone I felt

Lost in a world so huge

No one to lend me a hand for just a minute

Everyone was so cutup in their own world

Walking with a speed of worry and haste

Hustle! Hustle was all I could see

The perspiration upon my face now a permanent resident

My clothes dirty and sweaty

I couldn’t keep up with the pattern of the world

It was so hard

The struggle was strangling

My throat dry and constricted

Food so hard to find

The coins were all hidden from my eyes


My heart cried out


I wished someone could hear me

In a world filled with selfishness and greed

I knew this was impossible

I wept so hard

My dry throat hurt so bad

The pain stopped my cry

I began to whimper

Yet no one heard me

Life so bitter and mean!

And then I saw the van

The sounds from the van disrupted my moment of self-pity

It carried a message

The man who spoke into a mic seemed so serious

He spoke about some “Good news”

“There is joy in Christ”, he said

Hmmm…I needed to visit this new town, “Christ”

Where was it? In which neighborhood?

Could my feet carry me there?

Come on, feet, we have to move!

We have a new mission!

He continued, so much babble…I didn’t understand

“The Christ” …“Jesus The Christ” …“The Lord” …“The Saviour”

And then it occurred to me, “It wasn’t a place, it was a man”

Hmmm…a man?

Where was he? I needed to find him…this man, Jesus, The Christ

If he could help me, then it was he that I needed

Find me this man and I would give all my sweaty clothes

The hunger resurfaced

Oh no!

I need food so bad!

The man stopped talking

He unwrapped a nice looking snack

Uncorked a bottle of water and bit into the snack


Nothing could stop me!

I wasn’t a thief but I was about give myself a new title

I approached him slowly and then my feet increased its pace

At that instance he turned around

I froze!

How could I steal from a man with such kind eyes

Eyes so kind!

My eyes watered in shame

I felt so ashamed

The feeling of shame made my tired legs wobble

I knelt before him and cried

He took a step back and then he knelt before me

The snack was nowhere in sight

I wept even harder!

“Would you like to give your life to Christ?”, he asked

I looked up at him

“Take me to The Christ”, I croaked

“I hunger so bad…I thirst…I’m a man so lost…help me!”

And to my feet he helped me

He led me to the backseat of his van

Upon my laps he placed so much food

I wept hard!

I wept so hard!




“Take me to The Christ”

The man smiled sweetly and nodded

“Eat and I would tell you more about Christ, He is your Saviour.”

I hurriedly ate and ate…the water was sweet

I wept so more as I ate

“He loves you!”

At that moment I stopped eating and gaped at him

“Who?”,I asked

“Who can love a filthy nothing like me? Who would want to love me? No one but you has seen me in years…I’m a loner! How can I be loved?”

He smiled so sweetly with tears in his eyes

“Christ loves you”, he said

“Take me to The Christ! If he can love me, I would love him back…Take me to The Christ”

“Eat-up! We have a lot to talk about”, he said

I was confused yet my hands grabbed more food

Chewing so fast, I pondered

I felt something strange within me

It was a strange sense of calm

I felt at home

Was it the van? The man or The Christ?

And then I made a vow

“I want to follow The Christ forever…Take me to The Christ…The man who can love me despite my filth…Take me to The Christ that wants me…Take me to The Christ…”

“I would tell you about Him…You would give your life to him and be renewed…He would be with you forever…”

I smiled as he spoke

Oh! He spoke so many delightful words

This was truly “Good news!”

The Christ I will meet

By Sylvia Chika






© SylviaChika 2014




I wish I could behold her

To be with her

Cooing and wooing her

Speaking soft and gentle words to her

Words of love

Words of assurance

Words of commitment

Words all true

Rid of lies and guilt

Words with meaning

Promises I’m sure to keep

Promises of togetherness

To hold her in my arms and run my fingers down her soft cheeks

Young and innocent she is

My poor little baby

Within my heart I feel a vacuum

A vacuum…a longing for her

A longing to cover her pretty face with kisses so gentle

The little one I love

My sweet sweet baby

I see you no more

But I know I’ll see again

And far away we shall go

My sweet sweet baby



By Sylvia Chika








© SylviaChika 2014