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I See Clear Waters

I See Clear Waters

I see clear waters

Water so nice

Waters illuminated by divine light

Clear waters I see before me

A thirst to plunge

A hunger to swim

Curious to touch what I see before me

Tempted to immerse my heated being into its pure beauty

The lights beneath it, so bright

It’s almost as though the waters don’t exist

But I can see clear waters

The waters above the light

Sky above the waters

A hierarchy of beauty so right

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015

Aged Yet Youthful

aged yet youthful.fw

Clasped hands

Aging and frail

Lips moving slowly…thin and wrinkled

Quivering limbs

Discolored teeth

This the human eyes could see

Knees on the cold hard ground

Grey eyelashes

Scanty afro curls

Aging and tired

Praying but shaky

This the human eyes could see

Yet his heart was young

His spirit alive

Vibrant and yearning for Christ

In love and joyful in Christ

Singing sweet songs

Swaying to the rhythm in his heart

He was old and wrinkled to the world

Oh yes…

But in Christ he was a new creature

Vibrant and young at heart

Learning mysteries and uncovering wisdom in the Word

Aged he was to the world

But youthful he was in Christ

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015

Alive and Awake!


He walked around




A beautiful city

So many new structures

A land of beauty

Things seemed to be working

Many great works in place

Machines so mighty

Machine creating beautiful things

Houses sky-high

He was amazed

Five years asleep

Five years of his life wasted on a bed

Five years of his life preserved by a machine

Five years he was lost in slumber

Warm and unconscious

Dead on the outside

Yet alive on the inside

This world had changed

Beautiful street lights

Long stretched roads

Youths so energetic

Everything seemed alive

He was alive!

Alive and awake!

Rid of the great slumber

Walking these street

Breathing the natural way

He got inspired

He wrote out a plan

All he wanted to contribute to this beautiful world

A plan to create his own world

He wrote the last word and dropped his pen

With a content look, he walked away

Away from the beautiful view

Away from the structures and beautiful roads

Away to create his own world

Alive and awake he was

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015