Wish me Luck…Say no More

Wish me Luck...Say no More

Wish me luck

Say no more

Sack packed

Shoes strapped

I’ve got some food

And some water I’ll drink

Some wisdom in my head

And grace for my trip

My horse is ready to go

Don’t worry I’ll be good

I took a little money

I left some cash in the safe

You can claim my property if you want

You can take my pots and my bed

I left some toast on the table

You can use the jam or the honey

And don’t forget to feed the duck

Don’t forget to feed the cat and the dog

Well, you can call me crazy

Hahaha…I really do not care

I’m done!

So wish me luck

And say no more

For so long I’ll be gone

By Sylvia Chika






© SylviaChika 2015

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