Eternally grateful

Amazed by your love so pure

Purified by your love

Saved by grace

A relationship so divine

Teach me your ways

Your path I shall walk daily

To be lost in your embrace

Captivated by your beauty

Loved so deep

Open your arms and I will run to you

Waste no words

Give no instructions

I will come to thee

I will run into your open arms

Forever grateful

Enchanted by your love

Willing possessed by your power

A love freely given

Grateful I am


Withholding no piece of me

No regrets

No complaints

Recklessly in love with you

Forever…for all eternity

To be yours forever

To be yours and yours alone

Take me whole

Take me now

Use me

Fill me

Lift me up…to the clouds

Let me fly on eagles wings

Your majestic beauty

I wish to behold you…

Never to leave your side

Never to part from you

How I love thee Lord

With my mouth open wide, I’ll sing “Alleluia”

Worshiping and praising your holy name

Bowing down before your throne, I’ll call you sweet names

On my knees, I’ll proclaim my love for you

Forever yours

I will dwell in your presence

Never to part

Never to be lost

To be yours…

…and only yours forever!

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015

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