Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Have you heard of Tomorrow?

I have

Have you ever met Tomorrow?

I got introduced to her today

Have you seen Tomorrow?

I have

Believe me when I say, “She is absolutely beautiful”

Her poise is unique and rare

She is proud but graceful

Not too many people get to see her

Just the chosen ones

She has a smile that can light up the day of men, women and children

Her white teeth

So clear you can see yourself at a hundred years old

I really love everything about her

But she speaks to no one

Never does she say a word

Some say she is dumb

But I believe she chooses not to speak

I guess it’s part of her unique nature

Another strange thing I noticed is that…

…she rarely blinks

Some say a blink holds a thousand sad tales

Hmm…I told you, she is unique!

I also noticed that she never moves

She stands firm and speaks not

Another unique characteristic of hers

I just hope her feet don’t hurt her so much

Maybe her feet are made of titanium

And then I heard a rumor…

…they say, “She is submissive only to a Higher power

And if she ever moves, she will be gone forever

All will live in the now

No tomorrow

Just yesterday

Just now”

Well, that’s a rumor!

Not my cup of tea

I’m too excited I met her

It’s time for me to live in my now

I’m glad Tomorrow is beautiful

I look forward to seeing her again

So long!

Till we meet again

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015



Don’t judge until you’ve lived…

Don’t assume until you know the true story

Don’t conclude until you’ve walked the journey

Don’t claim perfection, you are not God

Be careful how you talk

Words are powerful

The wrong words can cause an earthquake of emotions

Don’t judge until you’ve lived the life of the scrutinized

Don’t be mean to your neighbor

Love your neighbor

Don’t play the role of a judge

Leave judgement to God

Don’t avenge evil

Why kill a person you didn’t create

What is the point…?

Condemn the act and not the person

Correct the mind-set if you can

A wrong picture can kill the beauty of a living room

Take down the picture rather than burn down the house

Save a life

Save a future

Make our world prettier

Don’t judge until you’ve lived the life of the condemned

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2013



I think I might let the sprinklers come on

But I love the grass dry

Emotions can be overwhelming

Yet strength can be drawn divinely

I’ve traveled far

I’ve searched for the sun

Oh! So many paths I have walked

Around and around I walked

A wave at the sea

I’ve said hello to deserts

Yet it always seemed like a mirage to me

Once I caught a glimpse of the sunlight

I fell in love with the sunlight

I loved the warmth

I cherished its presence

But so unfortunate for me

The sunlight vanished in 360 ways

I felt lost

Oh! I felt so lost in the dark

Silly me got too carried away by a light so unreal

Its absence dropped a blanket of darkness

Hmmm…I almost gave up on hope

Still I refuse to let the sprinklers come on

I’m standing tall and grounded like a cedar tree

Cos deep in my heart

I know it will be ok

Yes…tomorrow always has its blessings


By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015