A seed sown

A seed sown in the wrong soil

A belly swollen

A child in the wrong womb

He made a mistake

More than once

Night after night after night

A series of mistakes

No excuse was worthy

He sowed wrongly

He betrayed his only

He created life with another

She was the other woman

He lied to her

He wooed her with honey

He pampered her with money

She fell for his charm

He lured her into his den

Then she found out it was a scam

But it was too late

She was with child

She was torn by her mistakes

Another being in the picture

His seed…their seed

She believed her husband

He kept late nights

He seemed to be working so hard

She wanted to complain

But who wants a nagging wife

So she loved him still

Despite his late nights

And cold tales

He was her husband

A man of integrity

A man she loved so deep

Her loving husband

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015


My Fish

my fish1

He wanted my fish

I objected

He asked again

I refused

He pleaded

I said “No!”

“Why take my fish?”

I had a better deal to offer

I made the offer

He wasn’t interested

He wanted my fish

I tried to persuade him

“Let me show you the lake…

You can catch a million fishes there…

You can eat and still be rich” I said to him

He shrugged

Rolled his ignorant eyes at me

And stretched out his hand to grab my fish

I was amazed at his foolishness

Why take my fish?

Just to put it in a dish?

Why not seize the opportunity and catch a million fishes

Sell them

Make some money

Fill your empty purse

And go catch some more

Why dwell in a moment

And forsake a bright future

Why beg me for one

When you can lend me a thousand and one

Why bask in poverty

When you can swim in riches

The mindset of an ignorant man

I gave him my fish

And watched him stroll away in joy

Like a child with a new toy

What a pity!

Where ignorance abounds

So does poverty dwell

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015



It used to be plain black

Dark and simple

Plain and so bland

No beauty

Just simplicity unpretty

I knew it for so long

I accepted it for what it was

Not knowing any better

I assumed it was normal

I was so ignorant

Ignorance hid me in the dark

Ignorance gave me one option

Just one

But truth gave me more options

So many

I sat in the dark for too long

I survived the torture of its deafening sight

I knew no better

Years of darkness and ignorance

What a waste of good time!

I sat in the darkness until the truth came

I saw the light destroy the darkness

It stung my eyes

It seemed so abnormal

I had never seen such beauty

It formed a pretty pattern

Piercing through the darkness

It won the battle

I saw light defeat darkness

I could now see beauty all around me

Life was truly beautiful

I could see my options

It was so beautiful

I could move around

I could have a destination

I could see beauty all around me

I could do anything

I could be a better person

I could call the non-existent into existence

I could move mountains

I could run

The light revealed the truth

Life isn’t so uninteresting and unpretty

Life is pretty!

Life is beautiful!

Too many wasted years

I dropped the shackles of ignorance

I will seek knowledge

I will dwell in the home of wisdom

I will explore the good

I will live life

I will relish it

I will be all I can be

I will exceed expectations

I will live life well

I will live life good

I will dwell in the light

Forever I will

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015


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Kindness is an act!

It is an act straight from the heart

If it is not from the heart then it is staged

Staged and very false

Not worthy of its reward

Kindness is a beautiful act!

… Like planting a seed in good soil

And watching the seed blossom

Blossom into an amazing tree

Its fruits are even more beautiful than the act itself

Kindness is an act from ones heart to another life

From a beautiful life to a needy heart

It is a perfect gift!

It never removes anything from the giver

Rather it increases the giver’s harvest

Kindness is an expression of love

It phases out sorrow

And brings light into the life of the receiver

A smile that heals

An act of love

Kindness is a virtue!

‘Without kindness there’ll be wickedness…so much!

“Oh Lord, please make men see reason to be kind to…

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I went to the market

But found it not

I traveled far

Visited other markets

But saw it not

It wasn’t up for sale

No one sold it


I knocked on doors

Said hello

Requested to purchase it

They threw bricks at me

They called me a fool

I really did try

But no one sold it

No one had a spare to give

Each one

His own

No spare

To give

I went back home

I watched her young eyes close

She was just too young

Too precious to me

I offered to give her mine

The doctors wouldn’t budge

I watched the color leave her pretty face

She struggled to keep hers

But it was slipping away

She was losing it

I tried to help her

I wanted to help her

Somebody help her!

No one was selling

No life for sale

By Sylvia Chika




© SylviaChika 2015

Away with the bottles

Away With The Bottles

Away with the bottles

Keep them away from me

No need to drown my pains

I want no more

I stagger in shame

I’ve lost my fame

The stench of booze

They all shout “BOO”

Toss the bottles into the bin

But empty them first in the rain

Move me away from its tempting stench

Guide me as I stagger to the bench

My balance I’ve lost

This tale I caused

Red freckles, goose bumps

General weakness, oh my!

Days of nausea

Nights of stench

Fills my every sense

Too many bottles I’ve bought

And now my wallet is empty

I am a debtor to plenty

Horrible dreams

Lord, help me please

Don’t judge me too soon

I’m ashamed of me too

From this day forward

Away with the bottles

I need me a future

A wife and kids in the picture

So keep your pity and scorn

I’ll live a life brand new

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015


a choice


To choose one and reject the other

To place one above the other

To prioritize one and forget the other

To leave one crowned and cast one crown

To pick a favorite and loathe the other

To bless one and curse the other

To praise one and criticize the other

To love one and hate the other

To adore one and despise the other

To have two options but only one choice

A day, a choice

An hour, a choice

A minute, a choice

A second, a choice

You ought to make a choice

Choose wisely!

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015