I went to the market

But found it not

I traveled far

Visited other markets

But saw it not

It wasn’t up for sale

No one sold it


I knocked on doors

Said hello

Requested to purchase it

They threw bricks at me

They called me a fool

I really did try

But no one sold it

No one had a spare to give

Each one

His own

No spare

To give

I went back home

I watched her young eyes close

She was just too young

Too precious to me

I offered to give her mine

The doctors wouldn’t budge

I watched the color leave her pretty face

She struggled to keep hers

But it was slipping away

She was losing it

I tried to help her

I wanted to help her

Somebody help her!

No one was selling

No life for sale

By Sylvia Chika




© SylviaChika 2015

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