It used to be plain black

Dark and simple

Plain and so bland

No beauty

Just simplicity unpretty

I knew it for so long

I accepted it for what it was

Not knowing any better

I assumed it was normal

I was so ignorant

Ignorance hid me in the dark

Ignorance gave me one option

Just one

But truth gave me more options

So many

I sat in the dark for too long

I survived the torture of its deafening sight

I knew no better

Years of darkness and ignorance

What a waste of good time!

I sat in the darkness until the truth came

I saw the light destroy the darkness

It stung my eyes

It seemed so abnormal

I had never seen such beauty

It formed a pretty pattern

Piercing through the darkness

It won the battle

I saw light defeat darkness

I could now see beauty all around me

Life was truly beautiful

I could see my options

It was so beautiful

I could move around

I could have a destination

I could see beauty all around me

I could do anything

I could be a better person

I could call the non-existent into existence

I could move mountains

I could run

The light revealed the truth

Life isn’t so uninteresting and unpretty

Life is pretty!

Life is beautiful!

Too many wasted years

I dropped the shackles of ignorance

I will seek knowledge

I will dwell in the home of wisdom

I will explore the good

I will live life

I will relish it

I will be all I can be

I will exceed expectations

I will live life well

I will live life good

I will dwell in the light

Forever I will

By Sylvia Chika






© SylviaChika 2015


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