A seed sown

A seed sown in the wrong soil

A belly swollen

A child in the wrong womb

He made a mistake

More than once

Night after night after night

A series of mistakes

No excuse was worthy

He sowed wrongly

He betrayed his only

He created life with another

She was the other woman

He lied to her

He wooed her with honey

He pampered her with money

She fell for his charm

He lured her into his den

Then she found out it was a scam

But it was too late

She was with child

She was torn by her mistakes

Another being in the picture

His seed…their seed

She believed her husband

He kept late nights

He seemed to be working so hard

She wanted to complain

But who wants a nagging wife

So she loved him still

Despite his late nights

And cold tales

He was her husband

A man of integrity

A man she loved so deep

Her loving husband

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015


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