Cast me not away

Ye gentle soul, my love

Lead me to the beach

Where our love began and bloomed

Cradle my fragile wrists

In your strong and loving grip

Call me yours again

Bid me to you and I shall yield

Few hours to the vow

To be yours and only yours

I long to see you so

I long to hear you coo my name

Upon my pillows I lay

With tender thoughts of you and me

Uncountable wishes

My gentle heart

I melt into my satin sheets

A man for me

A bride to be

My wishes never end

Alas, I hear of your trip back to town

My finest dress of lace I wear

Fingers groomed

Hair tamed

A scent unforgettable shall steal your heart away

I lean against my window so

Knowing my gate shall be your path

I wave my hands

You smile so bright

And then the story continues to roll

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015




To be strong for so long

To camouflage your true feelings

To wipe the tears away

To force the pain to fade away

To lose your best friend

To be nursed by experiences

To lose trust for those around you

To be suspicious of love

To live in terror

To be homeless

To flee from violence

To be abused

To be mistreated

To be scarred by the one you love

To hide from the beatings

To be rescued from the drama

To be misunderstood

And guarded by uncertainty

To find comfort once more

To know what it feels like to be safe again

To be loved and cared for

To eat and be satisfied

To look back at your past and be grateful

To be thankful for all you have

To know plenty

To give plenty

To be loved and cared for

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015

Give Me a Chance

Give Me a Chance.fw

Give me eyes

Eyes and the gift of sight

Give me another chance

A chance to glance

And behold the beauty of the earth

Give me ears

Ears and the gift of hearing

Give me another chance

A chance to hear sounds

The sound of your laughter with no bounds

Give me hands

Hands and the privileged to hold

Give me a chance to carry my child and be bold

A chance to rock my pretty one to sleep

Cause me not to weep

Give me legs

Legs and room to walk

To jump as I talk

Give me another chance and I’ll be grateful

And forever I will be faithful

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015

A Little Nap

A Little Nap

A little sleep

Just a little nap

I will awake with a light tap

But the question is,

“Who will…?”

For I am here alone

Alone and tired

Exhausted and drained

Drained to the bone

My feet hurt

My back feels stiff

I’ve been on this all night

Two days

Few stops

No breaks

No naps

Just on and on I go

A few seconds of peace wouldn’t hurt anyone

Just a little nap

There is no car ahead

And no car behind

It shall be quick

Just a little nap to clear my head

My eyes are heavy

I need to give them a break

I can’t win this fight

I need to give in

My fingers are too tired to move

I know I shouldn’t

But I think I should

I’ve been driving for too long

A little nap please

“Be quiet!”

“Let me sleep!”

The voices in my head sing

They accuse me of doing wrong

There is no need to worry

There is no one ahead

There is no one behind

A little nap

I can’t keep these eyes open any longer

I can’t help it

I’m sorry

I feel a tap on my shoulder

I look up


A doctor says, “Hi”

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015



It doesn’t have to be perfect

It just has to serve its purpose

At the appointed time

It will serve its purpose

Though it be scarred

It will be beautiful

Though it be lost

It will be found

Though it be young

It will be mature

Though it be budding

It will yield fruit

Though she be called barren

She will be with child

Thou it be dry land

It shall bring forth water

Everything happens at the right time

He makes no mistakes

He needs no help

He answers to no one

His existence is our hope

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015



How do I tell you?

How do I say the truth?

Can you choose the words for me?

How will you react?

What will they think?

How hard will you cry?

Why does it have to be this way?

How do I tell you?

How could I live a lie for so long?

Why did you force me to say the words?

Why couldn’t you see the truth?

Why did you make me lie?

How could I have believed my lie?

How did I survive this relationship?

Why did I have to hurt you so bad?

Why did you trust me?

How did I keep this a secret?

How did I masquerade it?

What kind of person am I?

Why did you have to fall prey?

Why did I choose you?

How can I tell you the truth?

How do I tell you, “I don’t love you”?

How do I tell you after all these years?

By Sylvia Chika

Twitter: @sylviaoz

© SylviaChika 2015


no love no care

Inspired by a true story…

He needed help

He was too pained to cry out for help

A pool of blood

He laid in

His blood

Bruised skin

Broken legs

Torn laps

Damaged bike

They watched

All stood in horror




They took out their phones

He groaned as the camera flash hit his eyes

He couldn’t speak the words in his heart

His tongue was swollen

He needed help

They didn’t move to help

They took more photos

They talked about the scene before them

Weighing and judging

Playing God

Not offering any form of help

He really didn’t want to die

At least not this way

They stood there

Busy with their smartphones

One moved to help


Little little lad

An elderly lady stopped the little lad

She yelled at him

The little lad cried

He really didn’t want to die this way

He was losing blood

His heart was beating so fast

His skin was torn

His legs…he couldn’t move

His eyes began to close

And then he heard the siren

It brought him no relief

He was too tired to care

So many hands to help

But no love no care

No one wanted their hands soiled

They chose their gadgets over his life

                                                                                  He couldn’t care any less

The siren brought him no joy

But he wanted to live

So he struggled to keep his eyes open

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015



This poem is for you Mama…

Ten years gone

Ten years without you

The vacuum remains

She left

He left

The picture changed forever

I no longer see your face

You’ve been gone for too long

Ten years I’ve missed your voice

Your wisdom

Your care

No one can be you

Your warm hugs

Your soothing voice

Your musical laugh when I tell a joke

The tear that slips from one eye when you laugh so hard

I’ve missed you for ten years!

Ten years ago…I still remember

How fast time flies

How strong memories remain

Woman of valor

Woman of peace

Woman of strength

Woman of service

Woman of humility

Woman of kindness

Woman of generosity

Meek and patient

Mother and friend

I’ve missed you for ten years

Ten years gone and I’m still counting

By Sylvia Chika




© SylviaChika 2015


a gain worth more than coins1


She had a jar

An alabaster jar

She used it not for her own gain

It was precious to her

Selling it would have given her much gain

But it wouldn’t have wiped away her pain

She kept this jar safe

It was worth a lot

It was her treasure

But she kept it for a purpose

The purpose wasn’t revealed to her

She kept it

Preserved the scented ointment in it

Its contents


And then the hour came

An opportunity so rare

She heard

She picked up the jar

And she went

Stood behind Him

Right at His feet

Let down her beautiful hair

And glorified him

Wet his feet with her tears

Letting go

Tears freely flowing

And act of total surrender

To honor him

This was what she had to give

This she would give to him

Ignoring the judgmental glares

And worthless side talk

She wiped his feet

Her lovely hair

A suitable offering

She gracefully smeared the ointment on his feet

An act of worship

An act of gratitude

A selfless act

A gift freely given to the one who could save her

The one who could make her whole

Its purpose finally revealed

A gain worth more than coins

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015