Cast me not away

Ye gentle soul, my love

Lead me to the beach

Where our love began and bloomed

Cradle my fragile wrists

In your strong and loving grip

Call me yours again

Bid me to you and I shall yield

Few hours to the vow

To be yours and only yours

I long to see you so

I long to hear you coo my name

Upon my pillows I lay

With tender thoughts of you and me

Uncountable wishes

My gentle heart

I melt into my satin sheets

A man for me

A bride to be

My wishes never end

Alas, I hear of your trip back to town

My finest dress of lace I wear

Fingers groomed

Hair tamed

A scent unforgettable shall steal your heart away

I lean against my window so

Knowing my gate shall be your path

I wave my hands

You smile so bright

And then the story continues to roll

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015


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