A Room Full Of Happy People

A Room Full Of Happy People

They put on their party shoes

They cranked up the stereo

They jumped up and down

They were happy



Elated at the news they heard

They sang and sang

They woke up the neighbors

They really didn’t care

They were enjoying the moment

They were in no mood to stop


A dance floor

A room full of happy people

She watched them dance

She was in no mood to dance

They stole her spot

Her spot for inspiration

Her perfect writing spot

She wanted to write

She needed to write

But they seemed not to care

She was upset

She needed to let it go

Her head was filled with so many tales

So many…so much inspiration

They just wouldn’t go

So she sat in a corner

And she watched


By Sylvia Chika






© SylviaChika 2015


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