so little to share.fw

She had so little

Bread crumbs here and there

Few coins

One lamp for warmth

Few clothes

One pair of shoes

A pack of sour juice

A can of stale cookies

Some honey in an old wine bottle

A jerry can of water

It was Christmas

The season to be jolly

The season of love

She had created a meal schedule

Five cookies per day

But she saw them out there in the cold

The little ones

They looked so lost

Poor little kids

Kids begging in the cold

Her heart went out to them

She shed a few tears

She couldnt bear it anymore

She gathered the bread crumbs

Her can of cookies

Some water

Her cherished pack of juice

And an old quilt

She put them in an old shiny paper bag

And off she went

Out in the cold

With a heart filled with love

A paper bag of goodies

And an old quilt

She handed them over to the little ones

They smiled so sweetly

Bear hugs

Tears of gratitude

Off they went

Their little feet


Gathering momentum

Off they went

Out in the cold

To a destination unknown

With a smile of contentment

She went back home

Back to her old house

Alone with little or no food

Just a lamp for warmth

A jerry can of water for thirst

Some honey

And a smile on her face

She knew she had nothing now

But she was glad they had something now

No hope lost

Shoes under her bed

She cuddled under her old wrapper

And listened to the carols play in her head

By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2015


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