tortured by the cure

It felt like someone was tugging at his veins
His head…
A carnival of noisy masquerades!
His head hurt
His eyes hurt too
His tongue was dry
The side effects of “the cure”
He hated this feeling
He missed his life
This wasn’t his life
Someone must have played a really mean prank on him
This life wasn’t his
He couldn’t wait to give it back
He missed his life!
This was medical torture
The cure!
The torture!
He couldn’t take it anymore
He didn’t look like himself
He didn’t feel like himself
He wept!
This was too much to take
He had no strength to talk
The cut was healing
But it hurt like hell!
He held on to his bible
The words in this book consoled him
They strengthened him
They filled him with hope
He needed hope
This journey was difficult
He fell down to his knees
He wept so hard
He cried out,
“Lord help me!
I can’t carry this yoke!
It’s heavy…heavy…so heavy!
It’s crushing me!
Please lift it off me!”
His tears wet his cotton shirt
He was so sweaty
So he dropped the book
He continued to weep
He cried out to the Lord
He wept!
Tears and sweat
Washing his face
He heard a bird chirp
It chirped so sweetly
His cry interrupted the beautiful song it sang
He stopped
And he listened
Eyes close
He enjoyed the melody coming from outside his window
It was so sweet
So perfectly harmonized
He opened his eyes
The bird was right outside his window
Perfectly colored creature
It was magnificent!
What a great Creator!
He looked down at his bible
It lay open on the floor
He smiled at the highlighted verse
A message of love
It brought him more hope
And courage
He wiped his damp face
A message of hope
A promise
He received it with faith
He encouraged himself
He would beat this illness
He would win the battle
Oh yes he would!

Deuteronomy 31:8
King James Version (KJV)
And the Lord, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed.


By Sylvia Chika


© SylviaChika 2016




It wasn’t enough that they took away their freedom

It wasn’t enough that they bound their wrists and ankles

It wasn’t enough that they called them crude names

It wasn’t enough that the called them slaves

It wasn’t enough that they abused their women

It wasn’t enough that they stripped their men of their pride

It just wasn’t enough!

Wearing rags or nothing

They put them on a wooden stage

They auctioned them

Spitting out prices

Mocking their very existence

Erasing whatever dignity they had left

They drew symbols on them

Ugly markings that carried meaning

They labelled them slaves

They treated them like animals

They spat on them

And whipped them at will

This was the life they now lived

The life of slaves

Plowing from sunrise to sunset

Like a thousand yoke of oxen

Fed like dogs

No rights

No opinions

No freedom

This was the life they now lived

The life of slaves


By Sylvia Chika



© SylviaChika 2016



I try to fight back the tears

They keep coming

They keep pouring

I throw my head back

What a joke!

They don’t stop

They keep flowing

They need to stop!

Come on…please!

I need to stop crying

I try to feign a smile

But that doesn’t help

The dam burst

The tears poured

Now I can’t stop them

This can’t continue!

Someone help me!


I should have control!

I must stop this!

The tears keep flowing


I try to forget your name

The memories we shared

The thought of you being gone

The pain

The memories of seeing you take your last breath

You struggling for life

You on the hospital bed

The pain!


I try!

I’m trying!

Lord help me!

The tears keep coming

The pain of loss

The death of a loved one

The pain that tears my heart apart

The pain I feel

You are gone!

Breath gone!

You gone!

The tears won’t stop


By Sylvia Chika



© SylviaChika 2016


Sweet baby.jpg

Sweet baby

Sleepy baby

 Sleepy in a crib

Dirty bib

Mommy happy

Daddy happy

Leaning over his crib


Eyes flutter

Sweet sounds you mutter

Coos and coos

Here and there

No cares…no fears

Pretty little sight

Oh, what a delight!


Sweet baby

Sleepy baby

Mummy loves you so

Daddy loves you too

Singing sweetly

Rocking gently

Off and off you drift


By Sylvia Chika



© SylviaChika 2016



I tell you I’ll be out of town

You wear a frown

But that’s all part of your plan

It’s all an act

You think I know not the fact

You try to fool me

You sob and plead

You beg me to stay home some more

To cancel my tour

You are such an actor

You hide the fact that you are a traitor

You carry my bags

You help me to the car

You tell me you love me

You cry…false tears

You hold my hands

You make endless promises

You cry some more

I kiss your teary cheeks

I feign sorrow

Your act I borrow

Knowing deep in my heart

Knowing you are a liar and a cheat

Knowing you are unfaithful

Knowing you mock our vows

Knowing your promises are empty

 Knowing all your secrets

Saying nothing

Acting innocent and dumb

Hoping our vows still mean something

You walk me to the car

You promise to stay away from the bar

But deep in my heart

I know you are a drunk

I know all your secrets

I know about your mistress

I’ve cried secrets tears in distress

But today it all ends

I’ve seen all the bends

Your secret routes and deeds

I would no longer play the fool

You’ve broken all the rules

But today it all ends

I won’t get into a fight

My future is so bright

I hold your hand so tight

I let a tear slip

I bid you goodbye


By Sylvia Chika



© SylviaChika 2016