I tell you I’ll be out of town

You wear a frown

But that’s all part of your plan

It’s all an act

You think I know not the fact

You try to fool me

You sob and plead

You beg me to stay home some more

To cancel my tour

You are such an actor

You hide the fact that you are a traitor

You carry my bags

You help me to the car

You tell me you love me

You cry…false tears

You hold my hands

You make endless promises

You cry some more

I kiss your teary cheeks

I feign sorrow

Your act I borrow

Knowing deep in my heart

Knowing you are a liar and a cheat

Knowing you are unfaithful

Knowing you mock our vows

Knowing your promises are empty

 Knowing all your secrets

Saying nothing

Acting innocent and dumb

Hoping our vows still mean something

You walk me to the car

You promise to stay away from the bar

But deep in my heart

I know you are a drunk

I know all your secrets

I know about your mistress

I’ve cried secrets tears in distress

But today it all ends

I’ve seen all the bends

Your secret routes and deeds

I would no longer play the fool

You’ve broken all the rules

But today it all ends

I won’t get into a fight

My future is so bright

I hold your hand so tight

I let a tear slip

I bid you goodbye


By Sylvia Chika



© SylviaChika 2016


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