I try to fight back the tears

They keep coming

They keep pouring

I throw my head back

What a joke!

They don’t stop

They keep flowing

They need to stop!

Come on…please!

I need to stop crying

I try to feign a smile

But that doesn’t help

The dam burst

The tears poured

Now I can’t stop them

This can’t continue!

Someone help me!


I should have control!

I must stop this!

The tears keep flowing


I try to forget your name

The memories we shared

The thought of you being gone

The pain

The memories of seeing you take your last breath

You struggling for life

You on the hospital bed

The pain!


I try!

I’m trying!

Lord help me!

The tears keep coming

The pain of loss

The death of a loved one

The pain that tears my heart apart

The pain I feel

You are gone!

Breath gone!

You gone!

The tears won’t stop


By Sylvia Chika



© SylviaChika 2016

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