describe it


If you could describe it

What words would you choose?

How would you describe it?

Some say it looks like this

Others say it looks like that

I hear them talk

I hear them talk about the weather

They say it’s beautiful

Some say they need an umbrella

Others wish to run around naked

But truly

I have forgotten what it looks like

The price of the sentence

These concrete walls have stolen my joy

I’m trapped in a room with a little window

The window is far too high

All I see is…a little light

And then total darkness

I miss the feel of rain against my skin

I miss walking on the beach and feeling the sand beneath my feet

I miss looking at pretty flowers

I miss watching the birds sing so sweetly

I miss nature

I miss real life

Not this!

This room of deep dolor robs me of the beauty of the day

It’s been too long

My back hurts

Memories hunt me

The guards don’t speak to me

All they do is pass me food through a hole

A silly hole in the door

What am I? A rat?!

Sanity is something I miss!

A better life is something I long for!

This is too much to bear!

I need you to describe it!


Come closer to the door

Tell me what it looks like

Describe the day to me

Please describe it!



By Sylvia Chika



© 2016 Sylvia Chika

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