She bickered

He laughed

It was harmless

She was cute

It didn’t make him love her less

No one was hurt

No frown in sight

“It had no roots…

…Of course not!”

Or so he thought

So she bickered and bickered


She bickered

He giggled

It still seemed harmless

Her fingers she wiggled

It still didn’t make him love her less

It wasn’t so disturbing

Though it was getting a bit boring

She smiled a lot less

Nothing seemed out of place

For there was no frown on her face

But she bickered and bickered


Oh, she bickered!

He couldn’t make her stop

His buttons she would pop

A gesture so automatic

He was beginning to love her less

Someone, please make her stop!

He could smell the resentment

And her smile was still absent

Or maybe she was just being dramatic

So he let her bicker and bicker


She bickered!!!

This was wicked!

He missed the peace

He needed a release

She was like a dragon with no control

Always in rage like a provoked troll

Or was he the problem?

Maybe she needed him out

So he packed up few of his clothes and moved out

Giving her more space to bicker and bicker


By Sylvia Chika

BBM Channel: C002F2845



© 2016 Sylvia Chika



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