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As the dust settles on your windscreen
I appear
I’m here!
I’ll write you a harmattan letter
Yeah, that’s me!
If I wish to be naughty,
I’ll draw you a caricature
I’ll write you a love message
Or maybe I’ll instruct you,
“Wash me!”
“Dust me!”
“Clean me!”
“Please, love me!”
I’ll write you a harmattan letter
And then, I’ll run away!
Far enough to watch you scream
To see you shout
And curse your heart out
How amusing that would be!
Mischief at its peak!
Oh! How I love the harmattan!
Dusty and dry!
Brown everywhere
Dust on cars
Dust on my car
Dust on your car!
So as you read this poem
Please check your windscreen
You’ve got mail, honey!
I sent you a letter
A sweet harmattan letter
Read it with a tender heart
Lots of love from me
Your sweet sweet Harmattan Joker


By Sylvia Chika
Instagram: @sylviachikawrites
BBM Channel: C002F2845


© 2016 Sylvia Chika



I mean you no harm
I just want to soothe the pain like a balm
And cause you to be calm
Here, take my hand
Let’s sit here and listen to the band
Let’s watch them play our favorite song
Oh…it’s been soooo long!
They play music so good
It feeds my soul like food
Here we are at night
Listening to good Christmas tunes under the moonlight
I know how sad you are
You gaze at me but you seem so far
Don’t let a broken heart cause you to forget…
…to forget the sweet melody of life
Cast away the knife
Don’t bruise your heart some more
Let the tears pour
But don’t let them pour forever
Don’t let them win…never!
Look…you are worth more that diamonds
I can write this on the wall with crayons


“You are beautiful!
You are loved!
You are strong!
You are blessed!
You will be fine!
This too shall pass!”


So, cheer up
Chin up
Don’t give up
You will be fine
Just give it time


In the meantime…
…let’s sway to this beautiful Christmas melody
Oh! Such sweet sweet melody!
You will be fine, my darling!
You will be fine!


By Sylvia Chika
Instagram: @sylviachikawrites
BBM Channel: C002F2845


© 2016 Sylvia Chika




Keresimesi (Christmas)

Jesu Kristi (Jesus Christ)

The reason

The reason why we celebrate

The reason for the season

A King so great

The birthday that causes all to unite

Friends and family we invite

A day of love

A season of love

Gift giving

Busy kitchens

Carol singing

And great thanks we’ll be giving

Keresimesi (Christmas)

A day of delight

Kind thoughts

Warm hugs

Warm pots

And happy children

Summon them to come worship the King!

On this great day

Summon them to come!

A beautiful song we’ll play

So much singing and dancing

So much excitement

So much laughter

Joy right now and hereafter

Jesu Kristi (Jesus Christ)

The reason for all the merriment

Jesu Kristi (Jesus Christ)

The birthday of the King

Great gifts we bring

Keresimesi (Christmas)

Let’s sing a song of praise

The name of the King we raise

A song of gratitude

With a jolly attitude

We dance tirelessly

We laugh carelessly

With love in our hearts

Compassion and generosity

We spread the love


Keresimesi (Christmas)

Come let’s worship the King

Keresimesi (Christmas)

Come let’s worship


By Sylvia Chika

Instagram: @sylviachikawrites

BBM Channel: C002F2845



© 2016 Sylvia Chika




Like a predator

He’ll watch you




Knowing you’ll give in

And then he’ll feed

He’ll feed off your emotions

Your thoughts

Your rage

Your hostile opinions

He can predict your response

Years of watching you

Your fragile heart unaware

There is no fence around your heart, darling!

Anything goes in

Anything grows in your garden

Your heart is like a prostitute

Anything goes!

Anything…no filter

Your heart is loose!

You listen to their gossip

Their filthy lies

You listen…

And like a sponge

Your heart soaks up the lies…

Soaked in filth and lies

You absorb it and it poisons you

The poison sips in

Poisoning your thoughts

Your reasoning

Your decisions

Your perspective

Your heart darkens

Your heart hardens

You left your heart unguarded!

Now, he has access!

Like a predator

He is watching



Silently watching

Unguarded heart

The thief waits…


By Sylvia Chika

Instagram: @sylviachikawrites

BBM Channel: C002F2845



© 2016 Sylvia Chika