Let Me Weep

Let me weep.jpg


Let me weep

Let me weep that I may be satisfied

That I may flush out this pain deep within

Deep within my heart

This pain that causes me to…ohhhh!

This pain!

Birthed from betrayal, loss and grief

Let me weep!

Let me weep and rid myself of this filth

I don’t wish to choke

I just want to purge myself of this yoke

It’s heavy and it’s…it’s heavy!

It’s been five days now

And it’s been weighing me down

I feel twenty pounds heavier

Let me weep!

Let me get rid of this yoke!

It’s heavy!

Let the dam break

Let the tears pour

Oh, let them pour!

My heart weeps

My eyes leak

Let me weep until I can weep no more

Let me weep!


By Sylvia Chika





Instagram: @sylviachikawrites

BBM Channel: C002F2845



© 2017 Sylvia Chika


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