He had her just where he wanted her

Naked and helpless

Her lips were quivering

He could smell her fear

It smelled like “prey”

He could smell himself

He smelled like “lust”

Stunk like sin!

But he didn’t care

He saw her lying on the floor

She was begging

Begging for freedom

Her words were quiet and weak

His punches and blows had weakened her

His kicks had paralyzed her

Her full lips were now bruised

Well, he didn’t need them!

He looked at her swollen eyes

She was crying but he felt no mercy

He had one mission

He had one goal

To devour and be satisfied

He was the predator

And she was the perfect prey

As he unbuckled his pants to fulfill his lust

He felt a blow from behind…HIS HEAD!!!

He froze!

He felt the heat spread from his head

Right down to his toes

Something warm trickled down his back

And, just before the pain enveloped his entire being

He blacked out!


By Sylvia Chika

Instagram: @sylviachikawrites

BBM Channel: C002F2845



© 2017 Sylvia Chika




Don’t tell me to be calm

Not after years of the palm

Years of running away from your palm

And then I see it coming again

Don’t you dare tell me to be calm!

I am no fool!

Your cup is full!

I’m no longer going to play the victim

Not with all these scars within

It’s been too long

This is not where I belong

Don’t you dare call me names!

Not after years of eating the canes

Your harsh words

Your demeaning words

Your violence

Your insolence

Don’t you dare!

I’m done being afraid

This me you made…

Hell no!

I have to go!

Don’t you dare come after me!

Don’t invite me for tea!

I’m done being your punching bag

Feel free to let your tongue wag

But don’t expect me back

You’ve left your mark

Big scars of sorrow

I won’t let you ruin my tomorrow

So, don’t you dare come after me!

I’m off to build a happier life for me

To be a better me without you


By Sylvia Chika

Instagram: @sylviachikawrites

BBM Channel: C002F2845



© 2016 Sylvia Chika

I hurt!

 I hurt.jpg


I never knew words had the power…

…the power to turn me inside out

The sound of your voice soothes my wounds

It heals my bruises

And makes me forget all you did to me

It brings me to tears

I know it shouldn’t be this way

I know the truth

But still I stay

Hoping you will see it someday

Praying that this hope won’t kill me


You tell me I don’t know the meaning of hurt

Oh yes! I do

I’ve felt it from the very first day this journey began

I feel hurt when you lash me with hurtful words

The tone of your voice is powerful

It carries the strength of an eagle

It claws at my chest and steals my heart away

And I bleed

My red liquid flowing uncontrollably

Drifting far from home

Oh! Such pain


If only you know what you do to me

The power of hurtful words

It’s so unfair cos I feel weak

So weak to even argue when you raise your voice

And talk in that tone

Don’t you hear my heart cry?

Can’t you hear what it says?

It’s crying out to you

Begging you to please STOP!

Stop spitting out those harsh words!

Oh! I fear for my heart


In the midst of all the turmoil

I look into your eyes and see it

What I fell in-love with

It seems so distant but I see it

I step forward too afraid to touch you

But I raise my fingers gently and touch your burning cheeks

Hot…so hot with rage

As my fingers trace your cheek bones

I feel it tense and then relax

And then the heat fades away and your eyes soften

At last! I see the “you” I love


As I raise the other hand and touch your hand

It seems awkward

But still, I lift your hand to feel my heartbeat

And you freeze

The tears in your eyes says it all

You wrap me in your arms in regret

And I know I’ll be fine

As the clouds of fury fade away

And sunshine lights up my room

I smile

And once again I lie to myself, “It will be okay!”


By Sylvia Chika

BBM Channel: C002F2845

Twitter: @sylviaoz


© 2012 Sylvia Chika