The enemy at close range
Loyalty sold for a piece of meat, a coin or a good dose of gossip


The enemy at close range
A friend with evil intentions
Searching for loopholes


The enemy at close range
Embraces you with a smile
Helps you clean your gun
But pulls the trigger when you turn your back


The enemy at close range
Disguised as a sheep but as sly as a fox
Laughs with you at your table
But as soon as it’s dusk
He runs into the shadows to break bread with your mockers


The enemy at close range
Knows your every move
Hears your every word
Spills all your secrets


The enemy at close range
Breaks your heart without a warning
And gives you quinine in place of honey


The enemy at close range
Is a friend with evil intentions


By Sylvia Chika
Instagram: @sylviachikawrites
BBM Channel: C002F2845


© 2017 Sylvia Chika


My Words

MY WORDS.fw.png

As I lay on my words

I ponder…

My words! My words!

My sweet pillow of comfort

A cushion of lyrics

Showcasing my thoughts

My secrets

My pain

My words speak tales

My experiences…they spice my words

Like meat in a pot, I cook my words

Spicing them up with the right experiences

My experiences…Your experiences

I add emotions to the art of writing

I bleed strong emotions that overwhelm you

Careless words that carry meaning

Caressing your smooth mind like silk

Truth…the incense my words produce

I sometimes camouflage it with jumbled patterns

I leave a footprint in the hearts of my readers

I scratch their curious minds

Leaving my autograph inscribed in the soft depths of their minds

My words are real to me

I taste them before I spit them out

I chew them before the ink flows out

Lies taste better…but lie…I’ll rather not

The truth so bitter…yet I’ll rather delight in its beauty and be satisfied

Peel the scales off the statue of truth

Leave it naked for all to see

Our hearts crave wisdom

But our flesh would rather rejoice in folly

Speak more words to me

Ye tree of truth!

Entice my pen and cause it to bleed

I rejoice in the flow of truth

Nourish my senses and be my muse

I have nothing to speak but words

Words of truth

Words by me

My words! My words!

By Sylvia Chika




© SylviaChika 2015