i do2

I do

Only to you I do

You have no clue

How much I love you

I mean it when I say I do

Even in those moments when I don’t feel so

I still do

To you I do

Forever I do

I pledge my heart to you

Forever I love you

Who knew I would love you

To the point of “I do”

Well, here I am saying, “I do”

To serve you and only you

To cherish you and only you

To love you and only you

To laugh with you

To walk with you

To have kids with you

To grow old with you

Here I am with you

At the altar again…me and you

Renewing my vows to you

You know I do…

I do love you and only you!


By Sylvia Chika





Instagram: @sylviachikawrites

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© 2017 Sylvia Chika