He had her just where he wanted her

Naked and helpless

Her lips were quivering

He could smell her fear

It smelled like “prey”

He could smell himself

He smelled like “lust”

Stunk like sin!

But he didn’t care

He saw her lying on the floor

She was begging

Begging for freedom

Her words were quiet and weak

His punches and blows had weakened her

His kicks had paralyzed her

Her full lips were now bruised

Well, he didn’t need them!

He looked at her swollen eyes

She was crying but he felt no mercy

He had one mission

He had one goal

To devour and be satisfied

He was the predator

And she was the perfect prey

As he unbuckled his pants to fulfill his lust

He felt a blow from behind…HIS HEAD!!!

He froze!

He felt the heat spread from his head

Right down to his toes

Something warm trickled down his back

And, just before the pain enveloped his entire being

He blacked out!


By Sylvia Chika

Instagram: @sylviachikawrites

BBM Channel: C002F2845



© 2017 Sylvia Chika





Like a predator

He’ll watch you




Knowing you’ll give in

And then he’ll feed

He’ll feed off your emotions

Your thoughts

Your rage

Your hostile opinions

He can predict your response

Years of watching you

Your fragile heart unaware

There is no fence around your heart, darling!

Anything goes in

Anything grows in your garden

Your heart is like a prostitute

Anything goes!

Anything…no filter

Your heart is loose!

You listen to their gossip

Their filthy lies

You listen…

And like a sponge

Your heart soaks up the lies…

Soaked in filth and lies

You absorb it and it poisons you

The poison sips in

Poisoning your thoughts

Your reasoning

Your decisions

Your perspective

Your heart darkens

Your heart hardens

You left your heart unguarded!

Now, he has access!

Like a predator

He is watching



Silently watching

Unguarded heart

The thief waits…


By Sylvia Chika

Instagram: @sylviachikawrites

BBM Channel: C002F2845



© 2016 Sylvia Chika