She gave a lot of excuses

So many reason why…

Reasons why she couldn’t try

She would sometimes cry

Make a scene

And go back to her life of sin

Cheating herself

And nobody else

She thought she was smart

And she would tell them this and that

She told them about the wall

The wall that was responsible for her fall

She would exaggerate about its height

“Oh! What a sight!” she would cry

“It’s so tall!”

But she was only fooling herself

There was really no wall

Her fears and imagination had teamed up

They created a wall

They built it

She supported it

And to her, it existed

What a prey…on her they feasted!

She was her own worst enemy

Building nonexistent walls all around her

Walls that would deter her…

…Walls that were stopping her from being who she should have been

A figment of her imagination

What an evil creation!

A wall seen

Seen only by her!


What a waste of talent!

What a waste of a beautiful destiny!


Tear down the walls, pretty one!

Recreate a new path!

Forge on!

Don’t hold back your greatness!

Be the you you were created to be!

The you you were called to be!

Not the you decorated with fear!

You are great!

Created perfectly by God!

Be the you He created you to be!

Not the you the world wants you to be!


By Sylvia Chika

Instagram: @sylviachikawrites

BBM Channel: C002F2845



© 2017 Sylvia Chika